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Ocean 3D PRO

2.99 usd

Ocean 3D live wallpaper is a very vivid wallpaper which will bring you to a magical underwater world. Beautiful fishes, corals, seaweed, ruins, treasure box may be from Titanic! Moreover, there is probably ancient castle waiting for user to explore. Ocean 3D brings you the best under water beautiful experience completely free of cost.3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0 which makes you feel like you are in the real deep ocean. Ocean 3D sets you down on the seabed, you definitely will admire how beautiful the 3D ocean scene is. You can lie down enjoying the natural beam of light showing through deep sea water by waves swaying while surrounded by countless treasures like many kinds of colorful sea animals swimming around including fishes, turtles, and treasure box and many bottles fallen down from pirates. You can also scroll left and right to appreciate ocean under water scene from different angles which gives the real 3D effects. Moreover, you can interact with treasure boxes and fishes, open the treasure chest to discover gold, knock over the pottery vases and tap on the fish to see them swim away deep into the water. All this can provide you the best user experience of a deep sea underwater world.
A full list of features and customizable settings are below:
Panning – decide how the camera will pan when you move around in the ocean.
Auto Pan Speed – Set a panning speed.
Foreground fish – Decide to show or not foreground fish.
Background fish – Decide to show or not background fish.
Pottery – Decide to show or not.
Treasure Chest – Decide to show or not.
Other creatures - You can purchase other beautiful creatures like Turtles, Sharks, Rays and Sea Horse to your wallpaper.
Other Info
Ocean 3D is best suitable for both tablets and smartphones and is designed for portrait and landscape modes.
It only uses battery when the screen is on. Once the screen is turned off the wallpaper stops consuming power.
IMPORTANT. It's a LIVE WALLPAPER and therefore can't be applied to your device by tapping the application icon. To use S4 Ocean 3D, go to the live wallpaper menu of your phone. Usually this is found by returning to Home, tapping Menu and then choosing Wallpapers.
This live wallpaper has been tested on the latest Android system(5.1.x Lollipop). Please contact us if it doesn't work on your device.
Note: If your wallpaper resets to default after reboot, you will need put the app on phone instead of SD card.